Biographical Information
Age Presumed 30-40
Title(s) Tallahassee (his destination)
Physical Information
Species Human
Gender Male
Hair Color Almost Bald
Skin Color White
Family Information
Parents Deceased
Abilities Excellent Zombie Killing Skills
Portrayed By
Tallahassee - Woody Harrelson

Background HistoryEdit

We don't know much of his life but he was probably from Tallahassee, Florida. Before the events of Zombieland, he had a son called Buck whom he loved dearly. They almost did everything together and Tallahassee mentions he and his son made a wallet out of duct tape. His favorite actor is Bill Murray and he can say some quotes that Bill Murray said during his films.


When the Zombie Apocalypse started, Tallahassee and Buck were surviving until Buck was killed by the zombies. After Buck was killed, It made Tallahassee have a personal vendetta against the zombies after losing the one thing he truly loves. In the scenes during Zombieland, he was seen attacking zombies with dual chainsaws.


He is quite arrogant but at the same time is very brave, strong and has no fear over zombies. However, he does have an unhealthy obsession with Twinkies.