Little Rock
Biographical Information
Age 12
Title(s) Little Rock (Codename)
Physical Information
Species Human
Gender Female
Hair Color Brown
Skin Color White
Family Information


Abilities Good Aim With A Gun, excellent actress.
Portrayed By
Little Rock - Abigail Breslin

Little Rock is the little sister of Krista, who is better known as Wichita. Before the outbreak, she and Krista were con artists, scamming dumb men out of money, usualy by pretending costume jewelry were ring engaugement rings. She was a fan of Hannah Montana, getting into arguements with Tallahassee about his lack of knowledge about it. She didn't know who Bill Murray was (annoying to hardcore fans like Tallahasse) or Gandi.


Two months after the outbreak, she and Krista were hiding out in a grocery store with three fat zombies inside, keeping safe in the basement. They awaited someone to come save them as they lacked the supplies to kill the zombies on their own. With the arrival of Tallahassee and Columbus, she recieved her codename and lied that she had been biten by one of the zombies. They then turned the tables on the boys by taking their guns and weapons. Removing their luggage from Tallahassee's car, they stole it.

Eventualy the car broke down and they laid another trap from some other sucker to come help them. However, the end result this time was that the four of them would team up until reaching Pacific Playland in California. Stopping at a trading post, they killed the zombie inside and destroyed the building in a manic burst of joy. They arrived in Bill Murray's mansion, where she repeatedly ticked off Tallahasse by not knowing who he was. She and Columbus found Murray's private theater and began watching Ghost Busters. MId-movie, she was pestered by Columbus about what kind of guys Krista liked, given him answers.

Bill Murray himself entered, dressed as a zombie, but was shot by Columbus and died. They gave him and shooting-salute funeral and proceeded to do what they pleased with his belonigins. She then practiced firing her gun with Tallahassee, forming a father-daughter bond with him at the same time Krista was becoming romanticly attracted to Columbus. Both fearing attachment, they fled that morning for their destinataion. However, they made the mistake of turning on all the attractions at night, luring all the zombies in town to them. They ended up trap at the top of a tower ride, shooting zombies until they ran out of ammo. Luckily Tallahassee and Columbus arrived, killing the zombies and saving them.

She rewarded her new father-figure witha Twinkie she found earlier. They all drove off to continue their lives in Zombieland, as a surrogate family.