Columbus Ohio
Biographical Information
Age Presumed 18-20
Title(s) Columbus Ohio (his destination)
Physical Information
Species Human
Gender Male
Hair Color Brown
Skin Color White
Family Information
Parents Deceased
Abilities High Levels in Cardio
Portrayed By
Columbus Ohio - Jesse Eisenberg

Columbus Ohio was a nerdy college student who was one of the six people to survive the Zombie Apocalypse. After time of traveling he met another survivor who called himself Tallahassee. They joined together as a team; on a search for a Twinkie. As they entered a supermarket they found two other survivors. The oldest was called Wichita and the youngest was called Little Rock.

He is played by later-Academy Award-nominee Jesse Eisenberg, who was probably cast for the role due to the actor's familiarity with both the comedy genre due to participating the film Adventureland and the horror genre early in his film career due to being in the films The Village and Cursed.

Background HistoryEdit

Born and raised in Columbus, Ohio. He has quite a lot of fears and phobias (Chronic Phobias) but the thing he fears most are clowns. In 1997, he mentioned that he had a first B, watched Anaconda and had prom. He was supposed to date a girl called Sadie Hawkins but she rejected as Columbus said it was girls choice. Several years later, Columbus lives in a apartment and was playing World of Warcraft until his neighbour 406 bangs his door, trying to get in. Columbus opens the door due to the fact he has a crush on her. After letting her in and giving Mountain Dew: Code Red. 406 tearfully mentions that a homeless man (not knowing he was a zombie) tried to bite her. Later she kisses Columbus in the cheeks and rests her head on his shoulder. A few hour laters Columbus wakes up and finds 406 turned into a zombie. He escapes and kills her. He gets a sawed-off shotgun sometime after killing 406.


Two months after the Mad Cow Disease crisis, Columbus arrives in a gas station in Garland, Texas and goes to a toilet until a zombie burst out and another zombie runs to Columbus but he shoots her in the shoulder. He then runs in circles to get to his car but at the second time, he forgot that the door was open. He successfuly escapes. While he was driving, a zombie pops out at the back and tries to bite Columbus but he manages to crash into a sidewalk where the zombie starts flying into a window. The zombie survives the crash but Columbus injures it and then ultimately shoots it's head. After that, Columbus starts walking down a highway until he hears a SUV driving through the waste. He hides behind a motorcycle, arms himself and waits for the car to come. The SUV driver comes out and the man was Tallahassee. The two are hostile to each other but Columbus gives a thumbs up in a strange way. Tallahassee allows Columbus to come with him. The two stop at a remains of a Hostes Truck where Tallahassee hopes to find a twinkie which was his quest. It turns out Tallahassee did not hope to expect that the truck was carrying Snowballs (the snack) and Tallahassee said 'I hate coconut, not the taste.' Just before Tallahassee and Columbus leave the site, Columbus desperately needed to 'Take the Browns to the Super Bowl'. After a toilet break, the duo go to a Supermarket where Tallahassee thinks there might be a box of twinkies but before they enter, Tallahassee shows off his deadly weapons and brings a guitar. The Supermarket is revealed to be a mess and Tallahassee uses his guitar to attract any zombies lurking around the Supermarket and there were 3 overweight zombies. Tallahassee kills them one bye one. While the duo were searching the Supermarket, they encounter Wichita whom she tells them to "Come Quick."